How to unlock your BionX™ Bike System

On this page I'd like to give an overview of the possibilities on how to unlock a BionX propulsion system, as far as I know them.

1. What systems are supported

Only systems with CAN bus are supported. Those are delivered since 2009.

The BionX firmware version shouldn't matter much, though I only tested the versions 5.3 thru 6.2.

2. What do you need to unlock

To unlock your BionX system it is absolutely necessary to have additional hardware which is plugged into the BionX CAN bus.

There are the following devices:

  • Crumb128 5.0 (attention not 5.1)
  • TinyCAN I or II
  • Bionx Bike Interface (only for bike dealers, unlocking is not coverd on this site)

To control those devices there exists appropriate software for each:


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